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Chubby Love

We can’t get enough of this chubby loving and these girls sure need a lot of love. Those curves aren’t for everyone! The chubby chick we got today didn’t mind trying an older dude and getting fucked by him. It’s always good to try new things, that’s what everyone keeps telling her but we doubt that they were actually referring to this. But it’s important to know that she always listens. She’s been hearing left and right about sugar daddies so she wanted to try it out on herself and see what all the fuss was about. She has to give it to the old guy, he knows his way around a pussy and this turned out to be a great pick. We got all kinds of girls ready to get fucked for you guys so don’t waste more time and check them out. But from all the girls the chubby ones are our favorite ones. If you like to have something to grab you need a chubby girl.

Tell us you are not curious to see this hot teen getting fucked seeing those boobs bouncing. We thought so too. You just can’t get any better than these chicks and this scene is going to convince you in case you had any doubts. We are all here for a reason so let us enjoy this amazing update. Stay tuned because there’s more coming your way!


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Mimi Big Tits

Are you ready for more chubby loving? Mimi is here to brag and to play a bit more with her huge tits and to get her pussy fucked and creamed as well. You can actually see that in the preview below, but we are going to walk you through it all. Mimi is perfect for us and you can see that, curvy body, big tits and always ready to get fucked. Speaking of fucking, you guys might want to check out for more hot babes getting their pussies pounded in hot scenes. This time it all started when one of her friends came over for a few days and the guy just couldn’t stop making dirty comments. Mimi knew that he was after her but this was a bit too much even for her.

The nasty brunette tested him, she wanted to see just how far he is going to go. Well, as you can see the guy went all the way through it all and Mimi loved every second of it. This guy was thirsty as fuck and you can see it during the entire scene. For once Mimi’s big tits weren’t the main attraction, although it was nice seeing those babies bouncing up and down as she was riding his hard dick. Not a bad view, not a bad view at all! In case you want to see more from Mimi make sure you check out some of the older updates as well.


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For today chubby loving have a really nice surprise for you! We have not just one curvy babe, but two horny ones, an ebony slut, having the best time ever with these two guys the picked in a bar. These two busty babes have such an incredible sexual lust that they will need to have their muffins pleased as soon as possible. At first, A. will grab one of the guys on the couch and she will tease him with her giant boobs, while he is sliding one hand between her legs, to please her and to tease her.

Meanwhile, her boob sister will grab the other guy’s cock, starting to jerk it off, so she could make it bigger and harder. Enjoy watching these two horny sluts having fun and impressing these two guys with their enormous juggs. You are about to have the best time ever watching how this chubbyloving video is about to end so pay attention. Also. have a look at the newest video update, to see more busty chicks pleased! Enjoy!


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Chubby Loving – Lona

Hello there, everyone! Tonight we have a big chubby loving update for you. It is about this incredibly beautiful and big woman, with some huge tits and nice curves who will show every skinny bitch the meaning of “riding a cock”. This young lady is a horny and wild one. Get ready for some hardcore action in big sizes.

This hot redheaded woman is called Lona. You should remember this name, because you will hear again about her, for sure. She is too pretty to be missed and this time will show to the whole world that she really knows what she is doing. She will ride and fuck wildly that guy looking like a professional. And everything she is doing, she is doing outdoors. Watch her with no abstention and feeling very good in her skin.  She will start with a nice blowjob during her big boobs will be squeezed and massaged by that stud who just had the time of his life. And because she is a pro, she will finish him also sucking his hard cock. And she will take every drop of jizz load on that sweet face. Check out the site if you wanna see another busty lady masturbating!


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A brand new chubby loving video is about to turn you on big time and you got to see it right away. You will have the chance to see how this chubby babe is going to grab that huge boner and start going wild with it, stuffing it all into her wide opened mouth. Enjoy watching how she is going to grab that tool and lick it with passion, sliding it between her lips, so she could lick it and tease it with her tongue. She loves the fact that she could stuff her entire mouth with that extra large cock and she simply adores the thing that she could get that monster tool right between her lips and munch it with passion.

Have a look at the whole action and I can totally assure you that you will adore seeing how this chubby babe stroke that cock with her palms and she started to slide her hands up and down, waiting with her mouth wide open to get that cock between her lips and to start enjoying that monster tool. Of course that she is so good at this job that she ended up with a huge load of creamy cum all over her face. See also the newest video update, for more incredible scenes with huge ass babes! Have fun!


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Jane Boned

We got another smoking hot BBW from getting roughly hammered in this scene. The curvy mature found a new guy and he didn’t mind at all that she was married. The thing is that her husband didn’t have too much time for her so she had to find that attention somewhere else. Well, she didn’t have to look too far for it, because her next door neighbor was there waiting. The poor guy has been after her for so long and now finally was his time. So when her hubby left with some business she took advantage of that and invited him over to her place. Needless to say, everything worked out between as you can see below, the chubby mature did a hell of a job sucking off his dick and then riding it. If u wanna see other busty ladies sucking cocks, enter the site and have fun!


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Chubby Loving Rosie

In this latest scene from chubby loving com we have another hot BBW getting roughly pounded. The curvy mature found the easiest way to spend her afternoons while her man was working. She just hired this hot new gardener for their house and she decided to pay him a bit more if he took care of more than the garden. The chubby mature couldn’t wait until her husband left so she could be alone with the hot hunk. They had all the time in the world and the best part is that her hubby doesn’t suspect a thing. She does her chores around the house, she’s always there so no need to worry about anything. The hot chick got roughly hammered and we got all the picture to prove it. If you wanna see another busty lady showing off her tits, check out the site! Stay tuned, we have a lot of surprises for you!


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Blonde BBW

This hot blonde is our latest guest on and she has an amazing scene for us. The chubby babe got her pussy stuffed by her new housemate. She had an empty room in the house so she decided to rent it to someone. The sexy blonde met with a lot of people but she only liked on of them. He was young, hot and from one she understood single too. She called him the same day to give him the great news, so he moved right away. They had to celebrate this event and after a couple of drinks, things got way more interesting. They moved all the fun in the bedroom where she got fucked by her hot housemate. Enjoy it and don’t forget to get back for more chubby loving sex scenes! Also you might enter the site and see some gorgeous BBW chicks getting nailed!

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Hottest BBW

We have one of the hottest BBW in this rough sex scene. The horny blonde mature was dating this guy and she just found out that he has a son, a son she didn’t meet. While he was away with some business the mysterious son appeared to stay at their place for a couple of days. Of course, the horny mature had to have him and it was way easier than she expected. She made dinner for both of them and after a few drinks he started talking all kind of things and started getting touchier and touchier with the hot MILF. It didn’t take her to long to jump all over him and end up in the bedroom getting fucked by a younger hunk. See you with more next time! Until then, enter the site and see other busty ladies sucking cocks!


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Chubby Lovin

For you chubby lovin guys we got another amazing scene. Our hot chubby chick got fucked by her plumber and they had a hell of a day. She needed some help with her installation around the house so she called a plumber from the phone book. While he was doing her job, she saw that he was checking her but he had to do something more than that to have her.

After he finished his work she remembered that she doesn’t have cash around the house so she apologized to him and told him that she had to go to an ATM, but he found a better way for her to pay. This worked out for both of them and you gotta see this hot chubby blonde getting fucked. Like hot Ellie Jay, she loves getting fucked from behind! Enjoy this chubby loving scene and see you guys later!


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